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Domestic high-end non-woven raw materials are comparable to Nordic products

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-05-12
With the accelerating pace of urban life, people's demand for disposable mid-to-high-end household paper products such as diapers has increased. In the second half of 2010, Guangzhou Petrochemical technicians found out when visiting the market that a company in Shenzhen had been relying on imports of raw materials for the production of high-end non-woven fabrics, and the other party had been looking for alternative raw materials in China.

After hearing the news, Guangzhou Petrochemical immediately started to develop products suitable for the production of high-end non-woven fabrics. Through the continuous efforts of Ru0026D and production personnel, at the end of 2010, Guangzhou Petrochemical's No. 2 polypropylene plant first produced S960, a polypropylene non-woven fabric material with a melting index of 40g/10min in southern China, and began to put it on the market. However, after a period of trial, users reported that S960 cannot be used to produce thin non-woven fabrics below 40g/m2, and the non-woven products produced are prone to discoloration and cannot be used in the production of high-end products.

'If S960 can stably produce thin non-woven fabrics below 40g/m2, it can replace our company's imported materials.' In order to meet the requirements of customers, Guangzhou Petrochemical's new product research and development team analyzed the polypropylene polymerization production process in detail Influence on the microscopic properties of the product, by adjusting the additives and improving the process parameters, a new generation of S960 was successfully produced in December 2011. The product performance can meet the user's requirements for stable production of thin non-woven fabrics below 40g/m2. Replacing the company's similar imports.

Quality upgrade is never-ending. In March 2012, Guangzhou Petrochemical further upgraded the quality of S960, so that this raw material can be used to stably produce ultra-thin non-woven high-end products below 15g/m2, and the product performance is comparable to the Nordic Chemical HH450FB.

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