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Common calculation methods of non-woven weight

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-01-30

Non-woven fabrics also have their own measurement methods for thickness and weight. Generally, the thickness is calculated in millimeters, and the weight is calculated in kilograms or tons. Let's take a look at the detailed measurement methods for the thickness and weight of non-woven fabrics.

Any object has weight, just like what we call non-woven fabrics today, so how to calculate the weight of non-woven fabrics?

In non-woven fabrics In the calculation of gram weight and weight, four units are commonly used, one is yard, English yard, referred to as Y; the second is meter, English meter, referred to as m, the third is gram, English gram, referred to as gram, the fourth is millimeter, referred to as mm .

1. Length

In terms of specifications, yards and meters are both calculated lengths, but there is a particular point here. This concept is also often used to distinguish experts from non-experts. The cloth is roll by roll, and the height of the roll is called the width, expressed in units of meters. The commonly used specifications are generally 2.40 meters, 1.60 meters, and 3.2 meters.

2. Gram weight and thickness

Since there is length and width, is there a thickness unit? Yes, yes, grams are used to calculate thickness, grams, yes Refers to the square gram weight, that is, why is g/m^2 not used in millimeters? In fact, there are also millimeters, but they are used less. This is an industry rule. In fact, the square gram weight can be equivalent to the thickness of millimeters. The gram weight of spun cloth is between 10g/㎡~320g/㎡.

III. Hardness (handfeel)/gloss

Currently, there are very few non-woven fabric hardness instruments and equipments in the market, and they are generally tested by hand/gloss.

Fourth, the tension parameters of non-woven fabrics.

The non-woven fabric has longitudinal and lateral tension parameters. If it is formed by irregular drawing and melt-blown, the longitudinal and lateral tension is not much different.

Under Earth's gravity, weight and mass are equivalent, but in different units of measurement. The weight of a substance with a mass of 1 kilogram when it is subjected to an external force of 9.8 Newtons is called the weight of 1 kilogram. Mass units are generally used instead of weight, implicitly multiplying the acceleration due to gravity. In China, jin and liang were used as weight units. Pounds, ounces, carats, etc. are also used as units of weight.

The commonly used units of mass are: microgram (ug), milligram (mg), gram (g), kilogram (kg), ton (t), etc.

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