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Can non-woven fabrics be made of waterproof materials?

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-04-26

Can non-woven fabrics be used to make waterproof materials? In the field of waterproof material development, researchers have been committed to finding new, low-cost methods to produce waterproof materials with low production costs and better waterproof performance. With the continuous advancement of technology , Now the textile industry can use non-woven fabrics to make high-performance waterproof materials, and can be a good substitute for those unqualified waterproof materials!

1. Modified asphalt felt base

This is a new type of linoleum, which will replace the paper-based asphalt linoleum, widely used in roofing, underground pools, dams, roads, bridges, airstrips, landfills, etc. seepage engineering.

2. Reinforcing cloth for cold coating waterproof material

It is a polyester non-woven fabric, and the coating used can be neoprene asphalt, etc. In addition, the wet-laid non-woven fabric made of glass fiber can also be used as the base of the roof waterproof material.

The actual product application is as follows:

Thermal composite non-woven fabrics, glue-spraying composite non-woven fabrics (the amount of glue per square meter is about 3 grams), the product weight is from 30-400 grams, product characteristics: good peel strength, waterproof, breathable, Soft feel and other characteristics. Products are widely used in industry, agriculture, building waterproofing, medical care, pets and other fields.

(1) Breathable membrane composite non-woven fabric, this product is made of microporous breathable membrane and non-woven fabric, which is soft to the touch, breathable and impermeable. The product is widely used in protective clothing, surgical gowns, bed sheets, etc.

(2) Three-layer waterproof and breathable composite non-woven fabric, this product adopts different breathable formula and production process. Produce products with different air permeability, air permeability from (300-3000g/m2/24h) is widely used in the field of building roof waterproofing.

(3) Laminated non-woven fabric, coating weight from 14-60 grams. Different colors of non-woven fabrics and different colored films are used to compound products of different specifications. Products are widely used in one-time sheets, pet pads.

(4) PET film + PE film + spunlace non-woven composite, the products are widely used in industry.

(5) Aluminized foil composite non-woven fabrics are used for heat preservation and heat insulation.

(6) PE membrane composite mesh, mainly used in the field of building waterproofing.

Although non-woven fabrics can be made into various waterproof materials with excellent performance, in actual production and processing, due to the different types of processed raw materials and differences in processing technology levels, waterproof materials made of non-woven fabrics The waterproof performance is not outstanding, so it is necessary to ensure that non-woven products have reliable quality assurance and stable production capacity!

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