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Abnormal fiber types of polyester wool

by:XINYU Non-woven     2022-02-11

Polyester cotton will inevitably cause some abnormal fibers due to the condition of the front spinning or the rear spinning wheel during the production period, especially the recycled cotton produced from recycled chips is more likely to produce abnormal fibers; the outsole of abnormal fibers can be divided into the following types Type;

(1) Single thick: fibers with incomplete extension, such fibers are easy to cause abnormal dyeing, and have less impact on non-woven fabrics that do not need to be dyed, but are used for artificial leather base fabrics. The water needle cloth or needle punched cloth has a serious impact.

(2) Doubling: There are two or more fibers sticking together after extending, which is easy to cause abnormal dyeing, and has less impact on non-woven fabrics that do not need to be dyed. Water needle cloth or needle punched cloth on artificial leather base cloth has a serious impact.

(3) Glue: Broken or entangled fibers during the extension, so that the fibers are not stretched at all to form hard cotton. This product can be divided into primary glue, secondary glue, and tertiary glue status, etc. Such abnormal fibers are often deposited on the card clothing after the carding process, causing problems such as poor formation of the cotton mesh or broken mesh. This kind of raw material will cause serious quality defects to most non-woven products.

(4) Oil-free cotton: During the extension period, there is no oil on the fiber due to poor vehicle conditions. This kind of fiber usually has a dry hand. In addition to causing static electricity in the non-woven production process, it also Cause semi-finished products in the finishing problems.

(5) For the above four kinds of abnormal fibers, the single thick and double fibers are more difficult to remove during the production of non-woven fabrics, while the gelatinous and oil-free cotton can be removed as long as the production staff pays a little attention. Reduce product quality defects.

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