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XINYU non-woven fabric manufacturers tell you the commonly used non-woven fabrics in English

by:XINYU Non-woven     2023-12-29

There are many special words in the non-woven industry, such as raw materials, natural fibers, chemical fibers, polypropylene and so on. Below we will tell you the English translation

raw materials

polymer: polymer

resin: resin

slice: chips

Natural fibers: Natural fibers

Man-made fibers: man-made fibers

Synthetic fibers: synthetic fibers

Chemical fibers: chemical fibers

Specialty fiber: specialty fiber

Composite fiber: composite fiber

Wool: wool

Silk: silk

Jute: jute

Flax: flax

Wood pulp fiber: wood pulp fiber

Polyester: polyester(pet)

Nylon: polyamide fiber(pa)

Acrylic: polyacrylic fiber (pan)

Polypropylene fiber(pp)

Aramid: aramid fiber

glass fiber: glass fiber

metal fiber: metallic fiber

hollow fiber: hollow fibers

microfiber: microfiber

Filling cotton: fiberfill

filament: filament

short fiber: staple fiber

special: tex

fiber density: fiber density< /p>

fiber diameter: fiber diameter

fiber fineness: fiber fineness

fiber strength: fiber strength

fiber length: fiber length

Chemical materials

Activated carbon: activated carbon

Hot-melt adhesive: hot-melt adhesive

Hot-melt material: thermo-melt material

Thermo-bonding powder: thermo-bonding powder

Latex: latex

Dye: dyes

Pigment: pigment

Coating: coating pigment

Sponge: sponge

Additive: addi tives

adhesive: adhesive, binder

auxiliary: auxiliary agent

anti-aging agent: anti-oxidant

antistatic Agent: antisitatic agent

Fungicide: bactericide

Flame retardant: flame retardant agent

Delustrant: delustrant

Desiccant: dehumidizer

fluorescent brightener: optical brightener

antifouling agent: soil-repellent

cleaning agent: cleaning agent

production process and equipment

bale opener: bale opener

opening: opening

opener: opener

blender: blender< /p>

Carding: carding

Doffer: doffer

Roller: roller

Thicker: beater

Lapper: lapping machine

cross lapping: cross lapping

parallel laying: parallel laying

chaotic laying: random laying

air flow Net: air-laid

drying: drying

drying cylinders: drying cylinders

oven: drying oven

roller: dram< /p>

cylinder drying

dust cage:dust cage

conveyor curtain: lattice


edge cutting machine


needling machine

chemical bonding process

chemical binder: chemical binder

foam bonding: foam bonding

paste point machine: paste point machine

Powder point machine: powder point machine

thermal bonding: thermal bonding

hot rolling method: thermal calendaring

web formation: web formation

melt blowing: melt brown


adult diaper: adult diaper


baby diaper: baby diaper

baby wipe: baby wipe

artificial leather substrate

automotive carpet< /p>

Car headliner: automotive headliner

Blanket: blanket

Feminine hygiene: feminine hygiene

Interlining: interlining

Geomembrane: geomembrane

Geonet: geonets

Smock: Gown

Furniture Cloth: home furnishings

Household Blanket: house -wrap

industrial filter cloth:industrial filterling cloth

industrial wiper:industrial wipe

interior decoration lining for automobile

Chest lining: interling for front part

Shoe and hat lining: interling for shoes and hat

Lab coat: lab coat

Mask: mask


Medical bandage: medical bandage

Medical gauze: medical gauze

Medical mask: medical mask

Pillow case: pillow case

Protective clothing: protective apparel

Roof material: roll goods

Roof material: roof material

Sanitary napkin: sanitary napkin

Shoulder padding: shoulder padding

spray-bonded nonwovens

surgical drape: surgical drape

tablecloth: table cover

Wipe: wipe

Non-woven quality and performance

Abrasion resistance: abrasion resistance


Breathability: breathabiltiy

Basis weight: basis weight

Comfort: comfortability

Durability: durability

Flexibility: flexibility

functionality: functionality

heat resistance: heat resistance

hydrophilic: hydrophility

hydrophobicity: hydrophobicity

strength: intensity

processability: processability

protection: repellency

resilience: resiliency

Shrinkage: shrinkage

Stability: softness

Stiffness: stiffness

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