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Misunderstandings in the non-woven filler industry

by:XINYU Non-woven     2023-12-27
Non-woven filling material is a new type of filling material. In the process of development and promotion of non-woven filling material, there are still some misunderstandings about non-woven filling material. As a manufacturer who often uses non-woven fillers, it is necessary to understand these misunderstandings and take corresponding measures.

Some people think that the cheaper the non-woven filling material, the more cost reduction, is this true? People in the industry know that the addition amount of filler masterbatch is generally between 5 and 30%. If a slightly poor filler material is selected, with the same addition amount, the quality may be much worse, but the price is not necessarily much worse. Many users often will ignore this.

The quality of non-woven fillers depends on the grade of raw materials selected, mainly the situation of powder. Here we first talk about calcium carbonate: First, the fineness of the powder. A simple understanding is that the more the powder is, the more The finer, the better the dispersibility; the second is the quality of the carrier; the third is the content of the carrier, the general content is between 5~10%, the more the carrier, the better, but the cost will increase if there are too many carriers ; Fourth, the choice of additives, the low-grade is basically made of paraffin, of course, EBS is also useful, and the other is the quality of stearic acid.
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