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Product name: Impregnated soft white
2016S, 1025S, 1035MS, 1050S, 1070S, 1080S, 1090MS, 1100MS, D2016S, D1030S, D1035S, D1050S, D1080MS, 2016H, 1025H, 1030H, 1035H, 1040H, 1050H, 1060H, 1070H, 1080H, 1090H, 1100H, 1120H, 1150H and so on

Fiber composition: 100% polyester, or blending of rayon and polyester, 100% rayon.
Width: 36", 40", 44", 48", 52", 60", 63", 80", 84", 88", Max width 230CM and less(cut upon your demands 5-230CM).
Weight: 20-150g/m2.
Color: extra-white, common white, black, gray, or following your choice.
Touch: extra-rigid, rigid, medium, medium soft, soft, fragile and so on.

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