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Product name: Impregnated 1030S
2016S, 1025S, 1035MS, 1050S, 1070S, 1080S, 1090MS, 1100MS, D2016S, D1030S, D1035S, D1050S, D1080MS, 2016H, 1025H, 1030H, 1035H, 1040H, 1050H, 1060H, 1070H, 1080H, 1090H, 1100H, 1120H, 1150H

Fiber composition: 100% polyester, or blending of rayon and polyester, 100% rayon.
Width: 36", 40", 44", 48", 52", 60", 63", 80", 84", 88", Max width 230CM and less(cut upon your demands 5-230CM).
Weight: 20-150g/m2.
Color: extra-white, common white, black, gray, or following your choice.
Touch: extra-rigid, rigid, medium, medium soft, soft, fragile and so on.

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